Imitation Post by DMSpotlight

Here is a post written by the articulate DMSpotlight, imitating a vegan post. He is not vegan, so it should be interesting to see what he thinks about my blog and vegan blogging as a whole.


I am the boss of me, so it is in my power to spring up surprises on myself. To pass the quiz, I must show you the contents of my pantry and closet. Then, I shall discuss – at short length – how it fits with who I have become this semester.

1)     The Greens

Canned Greens

Canned Greens

I love me some vegetables. Unless they are steamed. Sometimes I’ll have sweet peas right out of the can – they’re so good! Green beans are a nice snack for when I’m switching gears from one homework assignment to the next.

2)     Super Healthy Juice

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

With each glass containing 16% of my daily potassium, 400% of Vitamin A, 70% of Vitamin C, 30% of Vitamin K and a broad range of Bs, this Lakewood juice is not as gross as it may look. It’s actually my second time buying it! It’s very refreshing, but I am keeping it on my shelf until I open it. It doesn’t spoil before you “uncork” it.

3)     The Breakfast Staples



Behind these seemingly random foodstuffs is a conventional oven where I sometimes heat up guilty pleasures (frozen pizzas, burritos, etc). I think it’s a lot healthier than nuking your food in the microwave. Up front: this is what I indulge in for breakfast (Fruit Juice Sweetened Corn Flakes). To the right: a lemon for my tea, tomato paste for my soon-to-be-pizza, and bananas for snack.

4)     Mouthwash

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I have featured “oil pulling” before… well, it turned out to be not a bad idea! This brand, “Nature’s Way,” makes unprocessed, non-GMO, organic products, and this coconut oil makes for an excellent substitute to Listerine or Crest mouthwash.

5)     What’s In The Fridge?

My Fridge

My Fridge

Like any good episode of Cribs, I am going to show you what I’ve got. This isn’t my fridge. Y’all just ain’t ready yet. So this is my mini-fridge.

Top shelf:

– Tart cherry juice
– Beer

Middle shelf:

– Cucumber for pizza
– Mushrooms for pizza

Bottom shelf:

– Shredded cheddar style cheese
– Fat-free organic milk
– Fat-free organic yogurt
– Kombucha
– String cheese for snack

 Pencils down! Quiz time’s over. How’d I do? Let’s look at the score card.

Although I got points off on cheese, milk and yogurt (but at least the milk and the yogurt are fat free, but it’s still got lactose). Beer is vegan but it’s heavy on calories. It’s why I only indulge on occasion. The rest of the fridge contents are fine. The shelf items are either super healthy or organic. I think I got an A-!


So guys, how did he do? Does he sound vegan yet?



2 Comments on “Imitation Post by DMSpotlight”

  1. Wow he sounds super vegan!

  2. […] is not a vegan, but he’s playing one over on Unwilling Vegan. Meanwhile, Unwilling Vegan is sounding willingly entrepreneurial over on DMSpotlight. Okay, my […]

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