Falling Off the Wagon into the Bandwagon Again

So the past two days have been falling off the wagon kind of days. Two days ago, I ate almost a full bag of flamin hot Cheetos because of …. boredom? Addiction? I didn’t even feel hungry as I put on my coat and shoes to make the trip to the local convenience store. I definitely didn’t feel hungry enough to almost finish the bag. Whatever is in those chips, it’s addictive as hell. I’ll be posting some of my research on why chips like Cheetos are so addictive soon.

I felt very guilty the morning after that binge. I almost didn’t want to post about it to an internet full of strangers. I ate considerable well yesterday until dinner. I went to a Korean spa and had SeolleongTang, which is Korean ox bone soup. I didn’t even feel guilty for falling of the wagon then. I said to myself that I was out with my family, I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten meat that whole week, and I would be a party-pooper if I didn’t enjoy myself. That’s the food bandwagon: yes, this isn’t the best thing for me to eat, but there are ALL of these reasons for why right now is the exception to the rule. So many people see it that way, making the bandwagon an even more comforting and familiar place to fall into.

My mother wants to go to a Persian restaurant today, and I have yet to make up my mind of whether I’ll keep vegan, have just a little bit of chicken and yoghurt, or go all out and have the lamb. Let’s see if I pull the “I swear this is my last wall of the wagon, tomorrow is a new day and I’ll start my diet then!”


3 Comments on “Falling Off the Wagon into the Bandwagon Again”

  1. frugoal says:

    I hear that. Just started off my day with the promise of a healthy weekend. What did I eat? A chocolate chip cookie. Let the self-loathing commence.

    • mzelenski says:

      I keep thinking “this much guilt HAS to help me, right? I mean, it’s gotta make an association between bad food and bad thoughts.” Nope, it just keeps on happening.

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